Why Prepsco?

Why PrepSCO?

Here are some of the many services that PrepSCO offers its students:

  • PrepSCO meets with each student individually for several hours typically giving anywhere from 12 to 50 hours of time for each student.
  • PrepSCO administers a Myers-Briggs Personality assessment and explains its meaning to students and parents.
  • PrepSCO researches career opportunities for every student based on individual passions, talents, interests, hobbies, faith, and personality.
  • PrepSCO sets up times for students to go into a particular profession and observe what that person actually does at work.
  • PrepSCO gives student information about colleges based on their individual needs and desires.
  • PrepSCO finds available scholarships suited just for you, based on your individual strengths, affiliations, parent’s affiliations, abilities/disabilities, and more.

At PrepSCO we do the base work for you! Everything we do is tailor-made for each student! Give us a call to see what PrepSCO can do for YOU!

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