Why Complete the Puzzle

prepsco puzzle

Why Do You Need Help To Find Your Pieces?

 Have you ever put together a puzzle? Did you notice that the box comes with a picture of the completed puzzle? 

That’s because if you have a picture to guide you, it’s easier to fit together.

It is the same with life. You can eventually put the pieces together if you use your time, work hard, and go the extra mile. However,  if someone helps you, or shows you the more direct path, it sure is easier.  That is what we do here at PrepSCO. We help you to see the big picture in life instead of you struggling along without a picture.

We help you fit together the pieces you already have.

After completing our program, your child will:

            • Have first-hand knowledge about their chosen direction.
            • Save money by not taking classes that they do not need.
            • Potentially make money by applying for scholarships.
            • Have access to another adult whom they can to ask questions and receive feedback.
            • Complete the necessary preparation on one of the most important decisions in their lifetime.

PrepSCO helps their students come up with a picture that is right for them, provides them with all the pieces to their puzzle, and shows them the completed picture to look at.  It is then up to the student to put in the effort and dedication to put those pieces together and complete their puzzle.  PrepSCO‘s career coaches will be motivating and guiding the students throughout their entire journey.

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