Throughesshout the journey of PrepSCO, I received personal one-on-one attention that helped form where I am today. One of the first aspects of the program is to grasp a sense of who I was, and what my interests include. This entails writing out my goals, taking tests, and recognizing my personality style. The next step is to pin point certain occupations that would best suit me and to job shadow. The highlight of my success throughout the program was not only my career choice, but also the scholarships I earned. I totaled over $16,000 in scholarships that wouldn't have been possible without the help of PrepSCO. Thank You!

Kayla Hess
Lindsey, TX

sat act workshopI went to the SAT/ACT prep class that Denise Brewer did on November 9th.  I really didn’t want to go.  It was on a Saturday.  REALLY? Give up my Saturday?  I like to sleep in late and destroy my friend playing paintball on Saturdays.

AND… Ms. Brewer made it fun.  She had us doing fun stuff instead of just reading through the material (like in school).  I learned a lot and the time went by fast.  I got information that will help me when I take the tests again (my mom has had me take the PSAT- of course)

She is great at helping us understand.  She talks to us like adults.

David Rake
Sherman High School - Sherman, TX

chaseI wanted to let you know how impressed Chase was with your SAT/ACT course.  He was very comfortable (which is a big achievement) and he felt that he had learned many useful techniques and resources to help him prepare for his next testing.  He had lots of great comments about you and your assistant. He was very impressed with your teaching technique and how easily he understood.  This kind of feedback is GREAT from Chase as he usually gives me a one word response...'fine' when I ask how class went.

Heather Ross

IMG_4700PrepSCO helped me through my senior year tremendously, because I had zero motivation to work on scholarships or to try and get ready for college. When I was first introduced to Denise, I was so thankful that someone would take time to help me further my education. I did not know where I would be attending, although I had some choices.  I have decided to attend Southeastern Oklahoma State University in the Fall. Thanks to the one on one help of Denise, I now have two scholarships from local Denison businesses and Choctaw Nation is helping out financially. I would not be where I am today without the help of Denise and PrepSCO. Thank you so much!


Zoe Reed
Durant, OK


With PrepSCO I received individual help while determining my path in life and finding scholarships based on what I was capable of applying for.  PrepSCO not only helped me determine my path, but it also helped me establish it.  PrepSCO helped me decide which major was best for my career choice, found me the best program for my major and has aided me in finding my dream job. I am currently at Red River Family Dental in Gainesville, Texas as their dental hygienist.  It is comforting to know that there is a program to not only give you a grasp of who you are, but to guide you through that journey and continue to be there throughout your career.  I would not be where I am today without the help, encouragement, and continuing support of PrepSCO.

Lacey Carter
Gainesville Tx


In a small school district  (Forestburg ISD), with limited staff and resources, it is easy to overlook an important aspect of student need, this being career planning.  Prepsco provides our students in grades 9-12 this wonderful experience that gives them direction and prepares them for life after high school.  Prepsco counselors meet with parents, provide personality assessments, provide SAT/ACT training, research colleges, align shadow days, and provide scholarship searches for each student.  Prepsco is now an integral part of our school.  Through this company we can provide a service to our parents and students that is so beneficial to them and we can plan meaningful electives into our curriculum.  But most importantly, Prepsco gives our students the confidence in choosing a profession in which they are best suited and provides them a plan to achieve their goals.

John Metzler
Forestburg, TX

Stacy Rake-MurphyOne of the best things about having my son, David, in  Denise's Prepsco course is the peace that we are all experiencing.  The weight of "What are you going to study in college?" is completely gone.  Denise worked with him to find his true professional SOUL. This has helped him clarify...everything from the electives he is taking in high school to the colleges we visited.  His passions bubbled up during the course and he now shines when he speaks about his future.

Please visit Stacy at www.rakeinsurance.com

Stacy Rake-Murphy
Nationwide Insurance • Sherman, TX •


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