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Student Links are targeted more specifically towards students. This section includes links that you may need to visit often when applying or getting ready for college.

Brought to you by Barbara Kelley and the kids at Colonial Academy in Stafford, VA.

Everything you want to know about the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Your financial aid application must be filled out for any federal, state, or college financial aid and many scholarships. It does not matter how much money you or your parents make, but it is required by most schools.

Read more… FAFSA Link

This site includes information about many common professions and some you may not know about. Not only will it give you a description about the profession, but it also includes what kind of education you need, salary, growth rate, duties, ect. This website is also great for discovering careers you did not even know existed.

Read more… – Onet link

Reality check is a budget calculator. How much money do you need to make? This calculator helps you discover how much money you might spend and need after high school. Once you know how much money you might spend, you can research what careers can pay for your needs.

Read more… cdr.state.tx link


Search for colleges, professions, explore majors, etc. It is a good website to look through just for fun or to do some research. It is also home of the SAT® Exam and PSAT if you need information regarding those tests. You do have to sign in to use this site.

Read more… – college board link

Everything you need to know about planning and saving for your college education.  Get information about education tax breaks, 529 college savings account, 1098 tuition expenses and more.

Read more… -saving for college and taxes

The earlier you start researching your options and possibilities, the better prepared you will be for college. You will be more knowledgeable of all the options available for your future. It is up to YOU to pick the right options.  PrepSCO can help you in taking the right steps and making the the best decisions for you.

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