What Can PrepSCO do for your school?


Is your high school counselor overworked? Is your school’s counselor to student ratio greater than 1:350? The American High School Counselor Association recommends a maximum ratio of 1:250. The Texas School Counselor Association, the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals, and the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association recommends a maximum ratio of 1:350. The average counselor to student ratio in Texas is 1:435.


With all the budget cuts in education, schools cannot afford to hire another employee to relieve the high counselor to student ratios. This is where  PrepSCO can be beneficial to a school district. Since we contract with your school, the cost of adding PrepSCO‘s services are minimum when compared to hiring another counselor. You pay for the services that you receive – you don’t have to add insurance, vacation, sick days, etc. PrepSCO offers a wide variety of services and allows you to choose what area would benefit your students and counselor the best.


Each school designs their own program with PrepSCO. Below are a few of the options:

  • One to one meetings to discuss personalities and careers
  • Myers Briggs Personality Assessment to better understand a student’s personality
  • college / vocational school selection guidance
  • scholarship and application guidance (Apply Texas, FAFSA, Individual Schools)
  • scholarship workshops
  • group / individual sessions based on our workbook
  • group / individual sessions based on differences in ACT and SAT
  • group / individual sessions based on how personalities and careers go together


PrepSCO can tailor-make a program to fit your individual school district’s needs. Please call to set up a complimentary, no-obligation session to discuss our services.

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