Parents and Your Success


We know that you are a big part of your own success.  However, your parents have done a number of contributing factors to help you! They are/were;

  1. Facilitating your interest at a young age.  If you hadn’t been introduced to your sport, you would not be competing in it.
  2. Taking you to your sport practice religiously every week. This does not count the numerous extra practices and games that they transported you to.
  3. They have always been your #1 fan. If you had a bad day, they tried to make it better.  If you lost, they tried to help you with looking at the positive aspects of losing.  Etc. Etc.
  4. They have always been there to buy the numerous and best equipment that you needed. After all, you deserve the best, according to them.
  5. Now, they are at your side looking at college programs.  You are visiting colleges, talking to coaches, trying to understand their financial packages and discussing your college choices; they are right beside you.
  6. You have now chosen the college. They are by you discussing your professional direction as well.  We, PrepSCO, can help you with that choice.  But your parents are a significant part of that discussion.

So what now?  You turn, RIGHT NOW, and give your parents a big hug.  Tell them thank you for ALL that they have done for you.  After all, without them, you would be nothing, literally!  Never forget that; it will take you farther than you think.

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