Our Story

From Our Career Quest to PrepSCO

How We Found Our Piece

Our Career Quest was created. Denise knew that she could help students find their path toward their career choice, help them with this choice and support them in their pursuit. After a year of preparation, twelve students participated in the program on different levels of service from different school systems in the area.

That was only the start.

Six years and many students later, Denise decided that it was time to incorporate and hire some assistance. At the request of her lawyer, she decided to change the name. People often thought that Our Career Quest was a job placement service.

After much deliberation, they came up with the name PrepSCO,

Preparing Students for Career Opportunities – exactly what we do.

PrepSCO started in the winter of 2006 as Our Career Quest, but the idea started long before that time. Upon graduation from high school, Denise Brewer founder of Our Career Quest, now PrepSCO, had no idea what to do or where to turn. Denise basically chose her profession by doing the “eenie-meenie-mynee-mo” system. Not much homework, time or effort went into the profession that Denise chose for the rest of her life. Denise put way more time and money into the “here and now” of her life than she did planning her future.

Later, Denise married a wonderful man and together, they had three awesome daughters. As their daughters grew older, they started asking her questions about their college and career choices. At that point, Denise decided that she was no longer satisfied in her current career and was trying her best to fit into a profession that did not fit her personality or strengths.

There had to be a better way. Denise started to have her own ideas about helping teens choose their direction. She did not want them to face the same obstacles as she had. Denise prayed about her new direction.  The more she prayed, the more the direction became a reality.

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