My Goals

What Are My Goals and How Do I Achieve Them?

First, what do you want to accomplish?

This can pertain to anything in life. Since you are reading this, I assume that you are in high school or college.

Start with your “Bucket List” – pretend you have all the time and money necessary for anything. What would you do?

Try to list at least 75, then pick the top 5.

Second, you need to break down what you want to accomplish into significant goals.

What if your first goal is to graduate from college?

What do you need to accomplish this?

  • Choose a major.

Go through PrepSCO’s program or investigate your interests

Ask questions to people in your field of interest

  • Choose a college.

Get basic information from their website and people you know
Visit as many as you can, in person
Ask questions
Apply to colleges

  • Find the money.

Research scholarship opportunities – there are plenty out there. Spend the time on this task.
Make the deadlines for financial aid
Save a little money through the summer while working

  • Make the grades and test scores necessary.

Pay attention
Put forth your best effort

Essentially, every goal can be broken down into doable parts.

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