Going to College to Play Sports


First, why are you at college? Is your major one that will require you to go to graduate school when you are finished?  What is the GPA that you must maintain while in college and playing sports?  I know that this is a sport that you love but can you handle it?  You must ask yourself this hard question.

Now the stakes are much higher than they were in high school.  The amount of study time is more, the practice time is more, the games are farther and vital to the college’s sports reputation.  Again, can you handle it?

Again, as you did in high school. Calculate what you need to do.  You may have to leave your social life to accomplish your goals but you will have a lifetime to be social and only four short years to play college sports and earn a degree.  Here are your parameters;

  • For every 3-hour class, your estimated study time is 6 hours out of class. So if you have 5 classes, your study hall time is 30 hours.
  • You time spent in class is about 15 hours per week for those 5 classes.
  • Your college sports practice is about 20 hours depending on your coach.
  • That is already 65 hours and that is without any games calculated into your schedule. Those are 13 hour days without your games.  Get set to be ready at 6AM, and be done by 8PM with 2- ½ hour breaks for food.
  • You can cut one study time down a little if you are willing to study on the way to a game. You might be able to whittle out 2 hours if you are lucky.
  • This is not supposed to be a negative or to discourage you from playing. On the contrary, it is meant to give you a reality check and to prepare you for what you must do to be successful at both.

Good luck- you can do it! Go in with an open mind and preparation.

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