Forestburg ISD – School Sample


PrepSCO Services Provided:

  • Implement the MBTI (Myers Briggs) assessment to all high school students
  • Provide students with a comprehensive workbook that will guide them through the scholarship process, the FAFSA, loans, college entrance, volunteering logs, etc.
  • 2 parent/student meetings
    • The first to describe our purpose at Forestburg ISD
    • Second, to explain their child’s personalities and how they impact their career choices
  • 1 coach present on campus for the day – 2 times a month with objectives to complete for each class of students on a one to one basis.


We also implemented a classification program which will give students goals to aim for yearly instead of waiting until their senior year.  This is the first year for this program at Forestburg.

Freshmen – Identity – They have objectives implemented throughout the year to help them find out who they are, how they fit into society, and what professions fit them.

Sophomore – Service – This classification will help them with the volunteer aspect of college and scholarship applications as well as becoming a great citizen.

Juniors – Citizenship – This group of students will be able to explore their country at the local, state, and federal levels.

Seniors – Leadership – Finally, our last classification will have time to listen to community and business leaders as well as several opportunities to become leaders themselves.

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