Educational Foundations


 Educational Foundations

PrepSCO has some ideas for you.  I know that your main endeavors are scholarships, grants, and staff support.  That is awesome!  Some foundations are looking at our services to better prepare students with their direction, college/vocational choice, and preparation for other scholarships.  If a student is more prepared in their professional choice, they will save time and money by focusing on the major that fits the student.

In the formation of PrepSCO, we realized the pressure we place on our teens and it is only getting worse.  When our teens enter high school, we, as a society, start asking students where they will go to school and what their major will be.  We have not given them the tools to figure this out for themselves.  Further, schools are becoming very expensive and teens cannot waste the classes, “figuring it out” as they could in previous years.  To make it more complicated, parents are also confused because there are so many avenues to go after scholarships and so many hoops that were formerly not there.

Thank you for seeing the issues as parents.  Counselors are overwhelmed with the amount of work and students that they are placed with.  The statistics are 90% of your (our) students either do not know their major or will change it within the first four years of college.  PrepSCO would like to change that!  We love what we do and are here to help.  You design it and we will carry out the work.

We do it for THEM!


Following is a small example of a proposed pilot program.  This particular school was interested in a way to add different kinds of students into the program.  We came up with a way for the foundation to do that.

Freshmen thru Seniors- 50 students in each class

7th and 8th graders- 25 in each class

Classifications could be as follows;

Paid for by parents

Financial Need- 10 ea.

Minority- 10 ea.

Academic – 10 ea.

Special Needs- 10 ea.

Have a gift/need motivation – 10 ea.


Below are some of the objectives included or could be included- the main thing is that each Foundation designs their own program!

  • 2 speaking engagements for parents to discuss our goals for their children
  • “My Future” Workbook for each child
  • Myers Briggs Personality Assessment for each student
  • 1 or 2 Coaches present at the school 8-4 times per month prospectively for 9 months
  • Reports of progress 2X years- Jan and May
  • Transition Reports prepared for the Special Needs Department
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