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Lesson 5

Judgers vs Perceivers

Activity- The instructor will do the verification for J/P. Read the introduction and ask the questions included in the Resource Guide.

Game- Does My Career Fit?


  • A jar filled with a list of professions. The list is enclosed in the Resource Guide and can be printed out. Then cut them individually and separate to put into the jar.  There are no right and wrong answers but the discussion will help students distinguish and understand “judgers” and “perceivers.”


No need to divide students into teams for this activity.  Let each student pick a college/vocational profession out of the jar.  Coax each student to comment on which personality trait it would be fit into (“judger” or “perceiver”). The instructor may also comment on the answers.


Write a page on why you feel that you are a “judger” or a “perceiver”?  For the “on the border” group, write the page with either personality type in mind. There will be five points per individual for your original team.

Have fun!

Lesson 6

How Your Personality Impacts Your Profession!

Activity- Read Lesson 6 in the Resource Guide

Game- How Do Professions/Vocations Fit?


  • The enclosed list of professions in the Resource Guide.


Divide the students into teams of four or five people.  Each student in the group should come up with one to two professions.  Within the group, give them fifteen minutes to discuss how each profession- fits or does not fit Extrovert-Introvert, Sensor-Intuitive, Thinker-Feeler and Judger-Perceiver.  Each group will evaluate the professions that they come up with.   You may need to have a brief description of each part of the personality written on the board so that they can easily go through their professions/vocations. Each group could showcase one or two professions/vocation for the class as time allows.  This will give students an idea of how professions fit into each personality.


Write a page on how your profession/vocation fits (or does not fit) your personality; or come up with any profession/vocation and evaluate it using your personality.  There will be five points per individual for your original team.

Note to counselor- looking at each individual paper for students may give an idea as to what they are intending for their profession/vocation direction.  If they are confused, it will be noticed.  If their profession fits or does not fit, that will also be noticed. Have a discussion with the student concerning their path.

Lesson 12

A Look at Majors

Activity- Majors- SOOOOO Many?

Materials:  Print out the list of professions that are in the Resource Guide


Separate students into groups of professional categories;

  • No School- On the Job Training
  • Some Preparation Needed- Usually Some Certification
  • Medium Preparation Jobs- Comparable to an Associate’s Degree
  • Considerable Preparation Needed- A Bachelor’s Degree or a Masters
  • Extensive Preparation Needed- A Master’s or a Doctoral Degree

Put students into pairs or groups of three.  Each pair will need to research five of the jobs within a category or two categories.  Investigate a profession/vocation that is of interest.  They will have twenty minutes to research.  Then choose one profession/vocation to describe to the group. Students will describe what that profession/vocation is and why it is attractive to them.

Homework: Write a description, salary and growth rate for five other professions/vocations. Access for this information.  Each student will get a point for each description that they turn in.

Have fun!

Lesson 14

Introduction- Read the Lesson 14 in the Resource Guide prior to the Activity

Game- none

Materials- The Reality Check handout for each student, and internet/computer access


  1. Have students write down what the average growth rate of their proposed profession and if that would work
  2. Next, have students complete the Reality Check
  3. Ask for 2-3 students from each of the categories to discuss what was learned. Also does their proposed profession fit the amount of money needed.

Homework- Research your profession. What area professionals do you know or can you find that are currently working within your chosen profession? Write down at least five facilities, addresses, emails and phone #’s for these professionals.

Have fun!

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