Anyone can hold a class with only six registered. Get six to commit and we will do the rest.  All classes are activity oriented, 3 ½ hours long and for 7th to 12th graders.

  • SAT® Exam/The ACT® prep-$65 per student focusing on why I take it, which one, differences, resources, $ for college, motivation and then team activities with each section of the tests.
  • Scholarships – How to?- $89 per student- includes a workbook- focusing on why I should do scholarships, how to search for them, how to “write your story”, presentation for success, why volunteer, what is leadership, $ available, and then team activities.  For those students that already have a workbook, the price is discounted $10.
  • Discover Your Major– $89 per student-includes Strength Finder and Myers Briggs Assessments- Assessments to help students understand what professions they might enjoy and be good at, why your personality is important within your profession, what are your strengths, how will they help in your profession, on a team or within your own family. Find out the average growth rate, the education and the average salary of your profession/path.  Explore different professions with activities.
  • Parent Classes– $89 per student (within a 2 hour radius) or $119 per student- When should your child take the SAT® Exam or ACT? Which one should your child take? What are the differences? What score is a good score? What resources are available – free, paid, online, classes, etc? How can your child search for scholarships?Are there scholarships for lots of different circumstances? How much money can you really make with scholarships? How to present scholarships? What is the story your child can write to get noticed? Workbook is included for students from 7th-12th grades.
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