How Do You Choose Your College When You Are Playing Sports?


So now you have 2-7 colleges to choose from.  How do you make your final selection?

Again you need to be strategic in making your ultimate choice. There is a lot that goes into this decision so bear with me. Make a list of each school and jot down the following information.

  1. What is the monetary offer that they are giving you?
  2. Does the school offer the major that you need?
  3. What kind of academic scholarship can you get here via their ACT/SAT levels?
  4. Do the research to see what other scholarships might be available and what is your chance of getting them?
  5. Are you giving up a valedictorian or salutatorian scholarship to go here and how much was that worth to you?
  6. Have you gone on an official college visit and did it fit you?
  7. Do you like the surrounding area- city, church, shopping, etc?
  8. Did you like the living arrangements- dorm or apartment?
  9. Eat there and see what their food is like?
  10. How close is the college to your home and does that matter to you?

Do this for all the colleges that are on your list.  Prioritize them according to the answers you have provided.  Now you have the answer of which college fits, get the most money from, etc.  Good luck!  It is all a matter of doing your homework and comparing your potentials!


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