Academics and Why I Play Club Sports


First, you need to ask yourself, what is the purpose of sports for me?

  • Is it simply because I enjoy it?
  • Is it that I am good enough to play in college?
  • Is it my way of paying for college because I am exceptional?

If you simply enjoy it- keep it up as sports probably are a stress reliever for you.  Alleviating stress will help your health and your academics.

If you want to play in college- will that college be big enough to pay you a scholarship?  As the college gets bigger so does the competition for those few scholarships.  If you have plenty of money, then you will not need to worry about the scholarship aspect.

If this is your way to pay for college- you will need to shoot for a D1 school.  This will entail you practicing 3-6 hours per day in college.  You will have to be an exceptional individual that is probably already practicing a few hours daily on your own in high school.

Now, let’s talk about your academics in high school.   Did you know that in terms of scholarships, you have a much better chance through academics to get a scholarship? Instead of a few scholarships up for grabs or no scholarships, there are virtually a scholarship available with a certain SAT or ACT score at every school.  So instead of the coaches choosing you, you are choosing to do well, learn lots and have an academic goal that you can hit.

So, ask yourself your reasons for playing club sports.  Then concentrate on your academics.  If you spend as much time on your academics as you do in practice, you have it made.  Your academics will see you through your college experience. After all, that is why you are attending college.  Go for it- you are capable.



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