About PrepSCO Coaches

PrepSCO can help you find the Best Fit For You

about prepsco

We are coaches, not counselors.

We have examined many puzzle pieces of our own through the years. Each piece made it possible to complete our education and make suitable career choices.

PrepSCO’s education never stops. We want to be educated in all the ways we can help you succeed. Training and certifications such as the MBTI®(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) certification show we strive to learn more about our students, colleges, personality types, computers, speaking, etc.

PrepSCO can help you get started reaching your dreams. Once you have a clear picture of your dream, it will be easier to reach. When you are ready, PrepSCO’s  career coaches will be there to help you succeed in finding the best career path fit for YOU!

You must take the first step.

PrepSCO helps students come up with a picture that is right for them, helps them find all the pieces to their puzzle, and guides them to the completed picture. It is then up to the student to put in the effort and dedication to complete their puzzle. PrepSCO’s career coaches motivate and guide the students throughout the entire journey.

With a little hard work, your dreams can come true!

PrepSCO can help!

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