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This workshop will take 16 weeks if done on a weekly basis.  It could be shorter if some lessons were combined or do more per week.

  • This class could be divided into teams of 8.  If there is an odd number, a drawing can be done to decide which team gets the extra people.  To be totally fair, larger teams’ points can be reduced by 10 at the end of the workshop and that will make things even.  They will be together for the duration earning badges/points/ bucks for their team.  For badges- use Credly ( or Class Badges (
  • Choose a captain of each team and a leader to oversee all the captains. Some of the games have numerous points to be added up.   The teams could be made up alphabetically or by date of birth so there are no hard feelings. After teams are divided- teams should choose names for their individual teams.  That’s it for Lesson 1.
    • Celebrations/Rewards for Teens are included in the Resource Guide- last page
  • Show the short video for Lesson #1. It will be motivation to take the SAT or ACT.

Have fun and proceed to lesson 2.

2) Differences

Video- Lesson 2 (on the flash drive). The questions asked will be within the game following.

Game- Bluff the SAT or ACT

Materials- A list of questions

Directions- The class is divided into two groups. The teacher takes turns giving each group a question. When the teacher gives a question to group A, all the students who think they know the answer stand up. Then, the students in group B get to decide which of the students in group A should answer the question. If the selected student can answer the question, that group gets as many points as the number of people who stood up, but if the student cannot answer the question, then group B gets to answer (any student in that group can answer) and group B will get the same number of points as team A would have received. The fun part of this game is that student try and bluff the other team into thinking that they know the answer so they can push their points up. Questions for the game are included with the answers in bold!

Homework- In a pair, make a list of differences between the SAT and ACT tests- a total of 5 will be due.  There are two points per student available for your original team.  Both students get points for their original teams.

Have fun!

The ACT (5 Lessons)

The class may be only ACT if desired. Repeat the following segments with different questions or use the SAT section with ACT questions.

5) ACT English Video-

Lesson 5 (on the flash drive.) Three to four questions are included about the video- each is worth a point for their original team if answered correctly.

Game: Jeopardy

Materials- The score board with points on it, a timer and a bell.  The presenter will have the questions with the appropriate points attached to them.


  1. Make 2-4 teams- They will report their points back to their team captains at the end of the game.
  2. The box of jeopardy should be written on the board with the points listed. The questions will be read off as they choose the amount of points.  The teams must ring in to answer the questions and the questions will rotate through the individual on each team.  The individual will have no more than 30 seconds to answer the question.
  3. 1, 2, 3 4, 5 points – it will be easier to find the questions (in order) if they must start with 1 point down to 5 points.
  4. The questions will have attached points, the more points, the more difficult the question will be
  5. Have the captains keep score

Homework- Work in opposing pairs from different teams and work at least 30 minutes within English.  Each 10 minutes segment the team turns in, a point will be received.   Be able to tell what was worked on, if asked. Bring the material as proof.  Each person in the pair will receive an equal amount of points for their original team.

13) SAT Critical Reading

Video- Lesson 13 (on the flash drive).  Three to four questions are included about the video- each is worth a point for their team

Game- Snowball fight

Materials- Write each question on a separate piece of paper for the class. The reading passage will need to be read to the class before the game starts.  If time permits, more than one passage can be completed.


  1. Split the students into 2 groups.
  2. Put test questions on WHITE BLANK paper, crumple up the paper.
  3. When the teacher says GO, they start throwing paper at each other (FROM THE CHEST DOWN!)
  4. When the teacher says stop, the students will pick up a paper and answer the question, individually.
  5. 2 points for every CORRECT answer. No deduction for incorrect answers
  6. Tally up total and report the amount to each captain

Homework- Work in opposing pairs from different teams and work at least 30 minutes within Critical Reading.  1 point is earned for every 10 minutes your team reports as homework. Be able to tell what you have worked on, if asked. Material proof of homework is up to the instructor, however, each person in the pair should receive the same number of points for their respective (original) teams.

You can do it!!!


SAT/ACT Prep Curriculum and Resource Guide- 16 weeks – $799  

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